About Us

AloofHosting is a viral community project funded by SurveyComplete. It’s rather successful, so it’s here to stay for quite a while.

Currently, the whole community is hosted on just one beefy server. It’s a 2.6ghz P4 with a gig of RAM, two 80gb hard drives, and a fat pipe to the internet.

Out of the 1,000+ clients hosted on this server, 98% show no activity or traffic. The other 2% however, make AloofHosting worthwhile. It’s an interesting phenomenon.

If AloofHosting keeps growing at the same exponential rate it has since it started in Dec ’03 (~4% more signups each day than the day before), the server will be used optimally by March. Soon, all new registrants will be hosted on a second server with a new domain name.